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Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Marbella

Book with or without a captain

We are responsible for making your day amazing because that is our sole aim.

Premium experience from the sea, onboard ships/yachts with CLICKnYACHT. We have the experience of experts in luxury travel, to give you an exclusive service.

Get to know the most beautiful routes of the Mediterranean by booking with us, in a few minutes you will have your luxury holidays organised without stress.
Get to know the most beautiful routes of the Mediterranean by booking with us, in a few minutes you will have your luxury holidays organised without stress and you will also be able to enjoy water sports with our water toys (Jetski, Flyboard, Paddlesurf, Donut, SeaBob, Jetsurf). Some of the boats already have it included but if they don't, we will make sure you have a full-day charter.

Welcome to our lifestyle, from the sea.

Rentals for days and weeks

It is undoubtedly the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Live your personalised experience from the sea. Aboard the most emblematic yachts of the moment with CLICKnYACHT. We are advisors with the luxury travel experience to give you the service you deserve. We make sure that your experience will never be like before.
See the most exclusive and beautiful beaches and coves of the Mediterranean and enjoy sunrise at your fingertips, just a click away. Arrive in style at each of the places you choose and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Balearic Islands, Marbella and Croatia.

- What does the rental of a Yacht include? What prices do they have?
Any Yacht charter includes our always-available ¨VIP Concierge service¨ to make your day simply perfect.
Our experts and advisors will help you so you don't have to worry about anything at the time of renting it, easy and simple. The experience onboard is completely personalized so your rental will include what you ask for and want. Both day charters and weekly reservations include crew and captain, always available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Gasoline is never included because the expense will depend on what you want to navigate and how fast you want to go. There are Yachts that have sea toys and others that do not, so be sure that we will do everything so that your day is the one you can enjoy.

Your experiences multiply with CLICKnYACHT

From your Yacht to your private in the most luxurious nightclubs or beds in any Beach Club, in which they offer you a tender service from the moment you arrive until the end. Organize the route from your favourite place to get to each of these cities in style.
- What are you waiting for to organize your luxury trip aboard a yacht?
With personalized and close service, we will put at your disposal the best fleet of the moment, 45 and 50 meters at your feet and a great variety of experiences that you will never forget, and we will make your experience with CLICKnYACHT unforgettable and VIP.
From the most luxurious Yacht brands to the Jet Ski to feel the speed and do some mischief. In our Private Yachts, you can have all the services you want. From the electric surfboard to a romantic dinner with our selection of chefs with the best-personalized menus, to a DJ for your best events, not forgetting the sunset from an impressive place. In our Yachts, you will have comfort and endless impressive luxuries at your fingertips. Our yachts are careful in designs and large sizes. Unique and very welcoming spaces, together with a crew will make your day or week something special.

Welcome on board Mr. / Mrs.!

That is why we offer you a VIP and personalized service, designed exclusively to cover all your needs, before, during and after. We will make the space on board to suit you.

- How to rent a Yacht?
Download our app and request a request, our sea specialists are already looking forward to offering you the best service. The price of the Yachts varies according to the benefits, dimensions.
The Super Yachts are the jewels of the sea, they are authentic 5-star hotels at sea and super-luxury amenities. They are not easy to get but we have them available from different ports.

- How is a luxury yacht inside?
These Mega Yachts have a careful design to the last detail including Helipad, Jacuzzi, Indoor and outdoor pools, Spa, Disco, with Land Vehicle and a spectacular crew prepared to be the best hosts and take care of any detail for you and those who are on board.

- How tall is a luxury yacht?
It is customary to use the terms mega yacht ( large yacht ), for boats with more than 100 feet or 34 meters and superyacht ( superyacht ) for boats with measures greater than 200 feet or 70 meters. Although we have available Yachts from 90 meters.

¨We count moments, not minutes¨