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We are specialists in nightlife, we guarantee that you will have the table you want. Ask us for an exclusive bottle and we will bring you caviar ... you will have it, we will also provide you with a VIP Concierge during the night to accompany you. We offer you a private chauffeur so you don't have to drive or wait for a taxi.
With the CLICKNVIP app, you can make reservations in just 3 clicks.
You can also request us directly from the chat and a specialized Concierge will attend you immediately.

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- How can I book a VIP table?
Book the best VIP table, with impeccable service and experience at your height, Download the CLICKNVIP app and request the most exclusive services for you. Wherever you are you will not have to queue to wait for access, even to the VIP.
The best clubs and the best destinations for your party, clubs most luxurious and famous nightlife in Europe as well as the most halls emblematic of each city. In addition, we are already in Miami and Los Angeles in a unique way
book with CLICKNVIP in the best clubs in the world. We take care that you don't have to worry about anything at all. Don't miss the most famous and prestigious DJ’s in the world.

CLICKNVIP is the app to get your best premium reservation in nightclubs and the best-valued DJs, you can enjoy all kinds of musical environment exclusively and without any hassle. You will see everything from another level.

- Who do we collaborate with?
Pacha, Opium, Bling Bling, Social Club, Tito´s, Tifanny´s the club, La suite, Olivia Valere, The Pearl, VipRoom ... All the discos more famous and exclusive of the world at a click.

- What extra services do we offer?
Exclusive waiters throughout the night to meet all your needs, transfer service at any minute, no waiting and no queues. The most unforgettable VIP parties and complete service for your experience is unique and unmatched. Buy the bottle you want without you wait in a VIP room around the most important events of Europe and the world.
Meet the most famous and exclusive clubs in the world, a premium experience awaits you.

- How does CLICKNVIP work?
With only 3 clicks you will have specialized attention.
It is very easy to use, choose date and table or area of the disco. We take care of everything else. We worry that every night is unique, unforgettable.

- What are the advantages of being in the VIP?
The words themselves indicate it ( Very important person ). These areas are reserved for a few, for those who like good service in a privileged area of? the disco.

- How much does it cost to buy a bottle in a reserved VIP of a disco?
Prices vary greatly depending on the establishment, event area and a number of people.
Obviously, the closer to the DJ you are, the better tables will always be, those are the most prestigious.

- How to dress in a luxury disco?
Each place has a dress code, which we inform in the confirmation voucher when our customers make a reservation. Each club has its own rules and we take care of reporting everything.
Although it is a luxurious club, you do not necessarily have to go formal, there are clubs that are more open to fashion and there it is the coolest, in terms of fashion trend.

The best 10 clubs in Spain
Spain remains one of Europe's favourite destinations to enjoy the deserved vacations, its beaches, good weather, gastronomy and especially for leisure and the good party of the Clubs, Festivals and Beach Clubs.
It is difficult to make a selection because in Spain there is a lot of party and very good clubs. Our criterion is about the most emblematic and best clubs of the moment, that means we update the information every year.
Here is the list of the best clubs so you can visit them.


1- The emblematic disco Kapital , a theatre with 7 floors and different environments so you can choose the type of music you want to listen to at any moment. For the most night owls and partiers a small tip, at the exit of the disco is the best churros with chocolate and typical squid sandwich that is almost mandatory to try.
- Located in the heart of the city with very good connections of both buses, Metro and commuter train Atocha.
- Open from Thursday to Saturday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night

2- Another trendy club is Opium Madrid , almost the whole club is focused on the VIP tables , leaving the bar area as a dance area, it is very interesting this nightclub, not only for the location in Plaza Colón in Madrid, but also for its select restaurant .
- Open every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night

In this great city, you can not miss any of the best Beach Clubs in Spain, the most luxurious port is Puerto Banús, where nightclubs and the best fashion brand stores are located.

3- The Suite is the destination for the most chic people in Marbella, surrounded by a very interesting complex of restaurants , 12 styles to choose from and hotels. You can eat a pizza and access its pool or have a good cocktail in one of its most Top restaurants. This disco has a very ¨cool¨ terrace with a very careful style where you can book VIP tables , there are even better areas than others, the balcony being the most exclusive area with sofas and lighting.
Its interior areas also have their space for VIP tables where the party takes its highest curve.
- Located in the Puente Romano complex, with very good access from the N-340 national nighway.
- In low season: open every Friday and Saturday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
- In high season: open many more days (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night

4- Olivia Valere , is undoubtedly the most emblematic nightclub in Marbella, has a very chic terrace to have the first drink. The tables inside range from € 400 maximum for 4 pax to € 2500 for maximum 12 pax.
It is characterized by having a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is not surprising that this is the best known in Marbella worldwide.
- Located very close to Puente Romano
- In low season: open Friday and Saturday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
- In the summer months they open every night (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night


5- Tito´s Her career leaves her as the best of Mallorca, an international club. A luxury disco from its entrance with the elevators seen overlooking the bay of Palma and the port of Palma to two or three music environments. Commercial, Latin and even techno house music , depending on the night.
It has several VIP areas but without a doubt, the best is the one behind the DJ, with the most select views of the disco and where the party and entertainment team with the best Shows, dance shows and artists > of the Island. theme nights and room set for you to be part of the show.
The table prices range from € 300 for up to 4 people to € 2000 for up to 10 people. Prices always depend on the type of DJ or event there is because if something is characterized by bringing the best DJs of the moment.
- Its location and views from the disco are impressive, it is in the heart of the Paseo marítimo de Palma de Mallorca
- Open every day in the months of July and August (00:00 to 06:00 am)
- In the low season months from May to November they open on weekends, although it is best to ask ourselves since their dates and events vary greatly. (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night

6- Social Boutique Club relatively new and focused on the best deep house and techno house of the island. For 3 years this club has made dance with great artists. It is the most complete club in terms of infrastructure. Terrace, dance floor, outdoor and indoor VIP areas and a small surprise for those who book a VIP table, exclusive bathrooms hidden behind a library that is accessed only with a code.
- Located on the promenade of Palma de Mallorca overlooking the Port.
- High season: open from Wednesday to Sunday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
- Low season: open from Thursday to Sunday (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night.


7- Pachá Barcelona this brand is, of course, synonymous with quality but if it is also located in one of the most important cities in Europe, the party is guaranteed on any day of the week.
Located in front of the sea, it has a great terrace restaurant , open every night for dinner service. Your menu is elaborated and mainly mediterranean food.
The type of music is very varied depending on the night, bet on the commercial music and even techno house trending.
- Open every night from (00:00 to 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night

8- Opium Barcelona It has one of the best rooms in Barcelona with terrace and restaurant. Every night is themed with commercial music ¨open format ¨.
The restaurant is open for dinner with mediterranean menu, we recommend making a reservation to enjoy dinner on seafront.
You have several options for VIP zones, from € 300 for up to 4 people to € 5000 for 10 people.
- Located in the Olympic port of barcelona, in the leisure area next to Pachá Barcelona.
- Open from Monday to Sunday (00:00 - 06:00 am)
The schedules, during the week, may suffer closing modifications, depending on the night


This island is still the cradle of the trending music, the best DJs exhibit their latest works and the most successful, so in Ibiza, we select the nightclubs that best service and parties offer according to our criteria.

9- Pachá Ibiza It is undoubtedly the most emblematic and the one that has best positioned its brand around the world, born in Ibiza, the Pachá concept is synonymous with trend and glamour.
The best DJs want to have an appointment with the cherries of Ibiza, their prestige is at stake Their VIP areas force a careful dress code, they offer a very TOP service. Famous and millionaires want the best tables so it is necessary the intervention of a trusted person to obtain them and exactly for that there is our service of Concierge.
It is avant-garde restaurant and open to good taste is open every night. They have two cards, one of exquisite sushi and one for those who enjoy portions of pasta, meat or fish and for those who prefer vegetarian options or claim gluten-free recipes.
- Club open every night on summer nights (00:00 - 06:00 am)

10- Hi Ibiza is the avant-garde disco, it has two main rooms Theatre and club with a spectacular play of lights and its configuration changes every night. It also has areas for outdoor dancing , special VIP amenities . If we take a look at the past we will see the mythical room of Space Ibiza now converted into one of the best rooms in the world taking the name of Hi Ibiza to the next level.
Trending music sounds at the rhythms of trance, disco, deep house and techno , you can choose the day you like best.
- Club open every night on summer nights (00:00 - 06:00 am)

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