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Buying/selling and holiday rentals

Specialists in Mallorca

With more than 40 years of experience in Mallorca, we have a large network of contacts that allows us to find the Villa and/or Finca you are looking for in less than a month.

In the search for your Villa/Finca to buy, we work on demand with properties already on the market and others not on the market.

We don't just offer you a property that fits a few filters, we want to get to know you and what your priorities and requirements are.

After a month of searching, you will have the house of your dreams.

If you wish to rent a Villa/Finca for your holidays Renting a Villa with CLICKnVILA, we offer you one of the best services in Mallorca, we personalise your stay from the first minute.

We have many varieties of Villas, luxury, rustic, with sea views, secluded in the mountains ... all so you can enjoy your holiday, living the best PREMIUM experience of your life. Do not worry about anything else, leave everything in our hands and our experts will take care of organizing everything, and all this you can get with just one click, we are waiting for your request.

Rent for days and weeks

- Discover the luxury Top Villas to rent for days or weeks Luxury vacations and privacy. We find what you are looking for. In our portfolio you will find luxury, rustic Villas with sea views, Retired Villas for greater privacy, Mega Villas with Heliport, exclusive Islands, all of them prepared so that you and your companions can enjoy these dream vacations to the fullest. Our experts will know how to turn your needs into a stay as you've never lived before. We are the hosts of each moment, of each service and we have selected the best in each city. With the best distribution of the spaces, distributed on different floors, and with a perfect orientation that makes the whole house have natural lighting so that you and your companions enjoy an incredible stay. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, as is the rest of the Villa. And a magnificent terrace for you to relax and organize your best events. Equipped with all the details and above all include an outdoor pool but some also have an indoor pool and Spa. A versatile option and especially “READY” for you Renting a Luxury Villa is more practical, more comfortable and more intimate. According to your request, we choose the Villa that best suits what you are looking for, personalizing your stay and your needs. CLICKNVIP is designed to serve people like you, demanding, ambitious and brave. Who dare and care to be innovative. The rental of the Luxury Villa includes what you request and ask for apart from all the services that the Luxury Villa includes, as our consultants will be available 24/7 so that everything You dream happens.

- How can I make a reservation for a Villa?
Download the CLICKNVIP App and we give you all the details of how much it costs to rent a Luxury Villa, an advisor will contact you to answer any questions and enjoy the quality of our Villas and all the personalized services we offer to make your vacation more special than ever. It has one of the best locations, the best views, with exclusivity and first-class service. You can carefree and enjoy the comfort and privacy that the Villas offer you and all the facilities. We personalize your experience

- What to do in a Villa?
We prepare everything to meet all your needs with the dedication and attention to detail that only CLICKNVIP can offer you. You will not need to worry about making the reservation of a Luxury Villa since we will do it for you. Whatever the reason for your reservation, we will prepare it as you imagine. From an intimate dinner with the sunset, with Chef and qualified staff to a private party between friends until the sun rises. Withdrawal of incentives to reward workers, spiritual retreats to relax mind and soul, Villas with Spa so that elite athlete can rest at the same time as continuing rehabilitation, Villas designed for families with children and animals near a quiet environment, Villas near the city where discos and Beach Clubs are very close, Rustic villas near nature.

- Why rent a luxury Villa?
Apart from the privacy, the times to eat, enjoy the pool for you alone and at the time you want and with whoever you want, do you need anything else? Download the CLICKNVIP App and request what you want, we take care of the rest.

- How much does it cost to rent a Villa?
Prices may vary depending on the month in which you want to rent, the number of people and the services you need, if we can estimate that our luxury Villas are already selected so that you have the best rated in each city

- Who can rent a luxury Villa?
Anyone who wants a premium experience and respects the conditions and limits of each Villa

- What services do I have in a luxury Villa?
Apart from the characteristics of each Villa, you just have to request what you want and we take care that you have it, we have a great “Ready” team for you.

¨We count moments, not minutes¨